Monday, July 27, 2009

Places in the Heart

"There are places in the heart that do not yet exist;
  suffering has to enter in for them to come to be".
[Leon Bloy]

God in heaven
      Watching you and me
God in heaven
      Is sad as he can be.
The hurt we feel
      Does pierce His heart
But the hurt we feel
      Is just a part
Of the hurt inside His heart.
God feels our pain
      And others' too
It may be feeling hurt
      Is all He gets to do.
The world he made
      Has gone astray
So sad he feels
      To see what people do and say.
So sad is He
      That He's depressed
That He's worn out
      And sad as death.
Perhaps our God
      Is like us too
That when He's sad
      And feeling blue,
He cannot even tie his shoe.
Perhaps He lies
      In bed all day
And can't make hay
      Or even play.
Perhaps these hurts
      He feels
Are such,
      He can't do much.
He can't get up,
      Get dressed, get food
And all He does
      Is lie in bed - and brood.
The worries that A God can have
So heavy, heavy do they weigh
      That He's depressed,
      That He's inert
For all the long of a Godly day.
He may need help
      But cannot call
Who's thought that
      God needs help at all?
It makes me very sad to think
      That God's so hurt and lonely
      (And no one thinks of this at all)  
That nothing does He get to do,
      But suffer only.
To suffer for eternity
      In hopes the world will change
And all He gets for this
      Is hopes and prayers and
Curses for the things he doesn't arrange.
I don't think I would like to be
A God like this - who cries all day 
And sees all pain
      And suffers still
      And still again
And suffers every, every day
And feels our pain in every way.
It's bad enough
For me to know
That suffering
That has brought you low.
If I had had to know - What He has seen and felt
I don't think I could bear to know
And feel - and still go on.
I'd get depressed and cry all day
And feel so sad - in a Holy way
And I'd give up and say:
      "I'm tired of being God this way!"
I'm tired of knowing all the woes
       And all the hurts and all the pain;
I'm sick to death of suffering.
       Please can't I die?
And not go through all this again?
But God can't die
He only lives
For all eternity
Alone and sad, a whole world's pain
He bears for you and me.
I could go on - in the middle of the night
Telling you all about God's plight.
Like I, He cannot sleep
So sad is He, so sad, so deep.
Imagine being god
      Where day and night
      Without surcease
He watches all our sufferings
      And takes them in His heart
And can do nothing more - That is his part.
So when you're sad - and He can't help
           At least you're in - His suffering heart.
Written for one who suffered much.
Dedicated to all who suffer without comprehension.

I have learned a little - in my work - of Divine Compassion:
Love for - and with - those who suffer.
This suffering love, in which I have participated,
This compassion, which has enlarged my heart,
I cannot call it "mine" alone.
It teaches me - from whence it comes.

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