Monday, July 6, 2009

The Gift of Blessing

                              A blessing for each
                              A blessing for all
                   Now let abundant blessings fall

                              Upon the present
                              Upon the past
                    A rain of blessings that will last

                               Never forgotten
                               Never unknown
                    God’s blessings find you and lead you home

                               Healing your mind
                               Healing your heart
                    Healing your soul so you won’t be apart

                               Bringing you peace
                               Bringing you love
                    Bringing you solace from heaven above
                    Deep in your heart God’s love will abide
                    Deep in your heart – like a nightlight inside
                    Deep in your heart, you’re safe in this light
                               So close your eyes tight
                               And rest well this night


Forestroot said...

Well this is my third attempt today.

I think its been ten so far.

Beautiful poem. Beautiful sentiment.

Deities are not all mean.

Forestroot said...

This is the fourth time today

A very pleasant poem.

A quiet place to come to.

TheraP said...

I am so, so sorry for whatever has disrupted the comment process.

(I think it was me. I think when I am revising something, I mess up the system! All by myself!)

Blessings upon you for continuing to try!!!!

May many blessings come your way...