Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Distance

She was 73. Yet she looked youthful. Her face was tranquil, seemingly unlined, framed by soft, short hair. She lay there peacefully, her husband sitting in a chair beside her, near the window. There was a serene atmosphere in the hospital room. Nothing to suggest anything extraordinary. Not until I placed my hand upon her brow. And spoke a blessing, willing its reach through voice and touch.

My hand against her forehead seemed to find no resistance. I could feel it's weight, pressing gently, seeking that barrier that usually stands between one person and another, falling deeper and deeper. Yet still it seemed this barrier could not be reached. Or was it breached?

Afterward I felt I had to tell her: You have such depth within you.

Did I imagine it?

Or were there tears of understanding in her eyes?


Forestroot said...

Are you visiting a loved one?

Very soft thoughts in this one.

TheraP said...

She was a complete stranger, whom I saw in a volunteer capacity. It was a unique experience for me. I will never forget her, I think. She was very frail healthwise. But a beautiful soul.

nenagh said...

So pleased to have found your serene site..

TheraP said...

I hope to keep providing just that, nenagh.

Peace be with you.