Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Raindrops: Like the Evanescence of Life

Like a dream

Like a fantasy

They are thus

To be regarded

(Zen saying)

I had a blindingly powerful insight once about "emptiness." It's meaning. I heard the meditation bell. It was at a 10 day meditation retreat. And that reverberation.... felt as if it was happening inside me. Or that I was resonating to the bell. (a brass meditation bowl really) And suddenly I realized that the bell could not "resonate" unless it was empty. And that told me something about the "meaning" of being empty oneself.

It gave me a powerful insight, that has never left me. And it shows that learning is not always something you get by having "more." Sometimes it's gotten by having "less." If that makes any sense.

And I suspect nothingness is like "emptiness" if you let it happen to yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hi TheraP -

I've been reading along and I love that you are doing this for yourself. For me, it is sometimes hard to get my mind out of the political into the personal.

But the emptiness and nothingness thing makes sense, I think. If the soul is cluttered, there is no room for more. Sometimes we have to de-clutter in order to receive.

The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness. [Old Chinese Proverb]


TheraP said...

Bless you, dear seashell... This is so right for me. I'll keep an eye on the political. But with so many trusty friends on the case, it frees me up for this. And I hover over all of you... in spirit. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is so right for me.

Speak of the obvious. :-)

I'm somewhat concerned...about your / our peace of mind.... I'd hate to see this spoiled for you.


barefooted said...

This is lovely, Thera. So very much your heart on a unique journey, so open and pure.

Thank you, too, for honoring Lux. I will miss him eternally.

TheraP said...

Bless you, dear barefooted, for visiting. And how fitting that you are always barefoot - for this is holy ground!