Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ash Wednesday

A tribute first published here.
RememberingLux Umbra Dei

Ash Wednesday
In the Dharma hall
Few words
Tell it all

Are you
Ashes now?
Bless your ashes
Anoint my brow

Am I
Your Dharma heir?
Sprinkle your ashes
Upon my hair

Ash Wednesday
In the Dharma hall
"No Question"
That is all

We may never know.


~flowerchild~ said...

Barefoot had a blog up a short while back honoring Lux. Bwakfat, big hearted chicken she is, asked readers to unfollow her and follow Lux instead in order to put him back on the Most Read list so people could find him easily and read his words. He became the second person I follow at TPM. But, I was not enough. Lux Umbra Dei remains elusive.

TheraP said...

Lux will forever be in our hearts! I know he was ill with cancer, had had surgery, radiation, chemo, and was losing energy in the fall of 2008. I believe he looks after us all from another place now.

Peace be with you, dear flowerchild.