Saturday, February 19, 2011

Holy Mystery: In Search of Us

One thing I have learned through experience:

There moves a loving presence,

Holy Mystery,
 Glow of Love, 

Compassionate Heart of the Cosmos, 

 in search of us.

The simple message of Christ:  "Come to Me."  Runs through all creation.  Is written in the stars.  Inscribed in our own hearts. 

It is the heart of every prayer.  Spoken or Unspoken.  Of every spiritual path authentically sought or followed.  Inspired sacred words and books reach out

This Love-Search, whose compassion is so far beyond our comprehension, so near and humble as to beg and bid us welcome - if we only grant a moment's pure attention - has no boundaries.   No deserving.  No evasion can outrun it.  No sin outwit it.

Doesn't matter whether you agree with me or not.  For like water seeping into every crevice, this message invades each cell, runs through every vein, tingles every neuron.  Nudges us at every moment.

Rejoice!  Or weep.  Fall on your knees.  Or hold out hands of supplication.

"Come to Me."

Learn humility.  Learn compassion.   Pass it on.