Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holy Mystery Knocks ~ This Sabbath Day

A death of someone I never knew.
A man who left behind an interview
I've yet to read.

I have to wait for the translation.

But even now his spirit
Seems to burn
Within my heart.

The power of his words and life
Igniting and uniting
The embers - ready, waiting.

An unknown death
Takes flight.
Bringing new life and light.
Like a live spark - jumping a firebreak
A kindred spirit
Sets my heart ablaze.

A torch
Of Wisdom
Passed -
And caught:

One more holy person
Calling me back
To my not self
Nothingness ~ Emptiness
Full of Mystery.

Words of Wisdom - an Indian proverb - from one of his last books:
First we learn, 
then we teach, 
then we retire and learn to keep quiet. 
And in the fourth stage, man learns to beg.
Yes!  Holy Mystery, if we are willing to learn, calls on us.  To become channels.  To give our life over.  To allow the Inner Mystery its Way.  An inner transformation.  Nothing but Live Coals.  Intensity of emotion.  Burning inner Prayer into our very souls.  Radiating out.  Radiating Cosmic Transfiguration.  If we just let go...  And accept everything that comes our way.  As part of this Ceaseless Call.  So mysterious.  So awesome.  So close.

RIP:   Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

Addendum:  The (downloadable) translation includes these words, new to me today:
Fr. Karl Rahner liked to use the image of embers hidden under ashes. I see in the Church today so many ashes above the embers that I’m often assailed by a sense of powerlessness. How can the embers be freed from the ashes in order to rekindle the flame of love? First of all, we have to look for those embers.
My humble view:   This man is a saint and a prophet!