Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Greeting of the Myrrh-Bearers

I love this icon!

It discloses aspects of my work and myself.

Profound compassion for those who suffer:
  Myself as the kneeling women come to anoint and reverence.

Like a channel flowing through my heart ~ 
The Mystery of Suffering itself.

Could it be as well an Icon of the Mystery of the Trinity?  


The Other Shoe said...

The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapols had dozens of wonderful old icons on display, but that, unfortunately, ended in January.

TheraP said...

Yes, some of the most beautiful icons are Russian icons. Particularly several centuries ago. Also the 14th century, I think. Wish I had seen them. But that's ok. You can get nice views of them on your computer screen. I actually have a small copy of this very icon. I have it in front of me whenever I'm at the computer. There's something very peaceful about it. I was drawn to it as soon as I saw it a few years back.

I have the Rublev Trinity and a Madonna - not sure if it has a name - but very beautiful. I have those two in my office. Once a patient, someone who was a victim of abuse, became convinced the Madonna was crying. I think she found that helpful.

Profound beauty. And presence. In an icon.

Did you know that icons of Jesus are supposed to have the face painted in two "halves" - to represent the divine and the human. Not sure which is which.... But it explains the strange incompatibility one sees in many of the icons of Jesus. I found that interesting....