Saturday, October 5, 2013

Side by Side

Pope Francis:  In Assisi.  On the Feast of St. Francis.

The Washington Post:  As flagged by Atrios (from cepr).

What is it going to be?  Concern for the poor and disabled, the refugee, the trafficked?  Or, if we neglect them, is it simply a cost-saving adjustment?

More than once, here and elsewhere, I've expressed my anguish, the heart's deep suffering.  I mean the Heart of the Universe.  And our hearts.   The anguish Francis points to.  And I've pointed to.  The anguish exposed every day - even if not pointed to - in newspapers, on TV, in every part of the globe.  Sung and unsung.

I used to write political blogs.  But that (anguish) drove me to reading the psalms, to simply dwelling with the pain that is brushed aside by all too many - who focus on money and power and tit for tat.

But miracles can happen.  And the election of Pope Francis, together with the powerful messages he is sending - in word and deed - these sit alongside ... the horrors.  They sit as a commentary. 

Side by side.  Face to face.