Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nothingness ... Transcended

Alan sent me this lovely haunting photo.  It speaks to me of so much.

Spare a Prayer ~ for Alan.

A long time ago, when I was teaching young children, there was a workshop which included the task of deciding what to put on one's tombstone.  Now, actually I don't want a tombstone.  I don't feel a need to live on that way.  I would be content to fade into obscurity.

Till that day,  I really hadn't done much thinking about my own death.  Though I've always liked what I came up with:  She lived nowhere.

I like the word-play in nowhere.  There's no where (as in the Son of Man had "no place" to lay his head ) and now here (which I think of as living in the present moment).  I saw the shifting meanings at once.   That was part of the appeal.

It's fascinating what emerges unbidden from the unconscious.

Alan thought I'd like this photo.   I do!   How wonderful that he caught this moment.   In time.  And out of time. 

Choices are like mirrors.   They hint at what we stand for.   And what we yearn for.   Who we are and who we might become.


Alan said...

I'm glad it resonated with you.

That truly was one of Cartier-Bresson's "decisive moment(s)" and I'm glad I had my camera along when it happened. (Too often, I have not.)

I have more.

TheraP said...

Are you tempting me? Or yourself? ;)

Please, consider putting up a Gallery! Or send them to me, one by one, like a muse bringing thoughts to life.

P.S. If folks click on the photo, you'll get the larger version! What a treat!

Alan said...

I'm going to go through some of the large variety and maybe grab another blogspot site, or else just send a few along now and then.

Maybe both. Never can tell!

claire said...

A beautiful photo. Aren't clouds out of this world?
A few years ago, I wanted, when dead, to be incinerated so that my daughters would sprinkle some of my ashes in all the places we had lived. But they are already traveling so much that they don't need my ashes as a reason to travel...
When I die, I will welcome the "transfer", the change of horizon, the new freedom...
But all in its good time :-)))

TheraP said...

For Alan: I suspect you have more important things on your plate for the moment. I trust you'll keep me posted. All in good time...

Claire: Even though it's not "Orthodox" to be cremated, I won't be around for the decision when the "time comes" - and whatever happens to the ashes is ok by me.

Clouds... I recall being very young, 5 or 6, lying on the grass in a school playing field, gazing up at the clouds. Fascinated! I did that in later childhood as well. I recall butterflies in that playing field that day.

Death... I too welcome death, as I grow older, in the abstract, since I am in good health and my dad turns 94 next month. Sometimes it's as if I can sense another "dimension" near me, as if the place of Mystery is indeed "among us" - maybe partaking of "dark matter" or whatever it is.

Here's a true story:

(or click on Aug 2009, sidebar, Mystery Lifts its Veil)