Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Lesson for us All

“Beni Swa Leternel,” they sang. “Blessed be the Lord.”
Thus did the Haitian survivors cope during the night.  After the earthquake and devastation of all normal life.  Singing hymns.

Such is the human need to connect.  With each other.  With L'Eternel, the Eternal Mystery.  They sought the Virgin Heart - the Surpassing Comfort that transcends and inhabits the deepest grief, the greatest shock and horror, Holy Presence in the midst of near-total collapse.  The solidarity of singing.  Of strangers holding hands.   On a starry night.  In a city made rubble.  Blessed be the Lord, they sang:  Beni Swa L'Eternel. 

What a parable to learn from!


Anonymous said...

Yes, let us learn this lesson. A beautiful reflection; thank you.

Peace, Mike

TheraP said...

Blessings upon you, Mike. Thanks for your comment.

Alan said...

To sing gives us comfort in trying times, does it not?

TheraP said...

Indeed, Alan! I had never realized (to this degree) the power of song. When I posted this same blog at TPM, someone flagged Enya's song, "How can I keep from singing?" There's a you-tube of it. and it is just the exquisite example of what you say!

Here's the link to that comment, which contains the lyrics, followed by a link to the you-tube of Enya singing: