Monday, June 29, 2009

A hole in the sky - reveals The Mystery

Photo ~ Courtesy of brotherjohn OEF

A comment below, by my very first visitor to this blog,  exactly suits a photo that just arrived this morning:

Through the hole in the sky…a poet once wrote… it is that precise blueness that releases the mystery to me. Seeing and feeling a connection to everything, and nothingness. And golden green thru the trees breaking light into beauty. I feel it in your poems. The Gaze of God is a vast concept through which I look back, cannot answer and feel humbled. The growth of a seedling, yearning to be, and being.

This mysterious confluence of events somehow "fits" with whatever direction this blog has decided to take. I'm just going along for the ride...


Rowan said...

I must ask what that bird sees and feels as it perches between earth and heaven - seemingly alone.

That quiet moment - in the moment. The connecting spirit.

Mayhaps each of us is such a lightning rod if only we knew it.

TheraP said...

Yes, the photo gives us no clue as to what the bird might be seeing (or thinking). And that makes it all the more mysterious. It's like a Chinese painting or drawing. So spare - outlined against the sky on the branch that just reaches up, so poetically, all by itself. Have giraffes eaten the lower branches? We simply don't know.

The world is full of wonder....

We've sometimes spent hours on beaches, while on vacation, deciding which pebbles or stones to carry home. Once, out west, I insisted my husband stop the car so I could go out and get a certain kind of rock color from a formation by the highway - in Wyoming, I think. We should have cataloged the rocks. I think how one day, far into the future, people will be trying to piece together how these particular rocks ended up all in the same place....

You set me to musing, Rowen. Thank you!

Rowan said...

I have wondered what folks 500 years from now (assuming humans are still around) will think as they stumble across the detritus of our high consumer lives. When we think about what "lives" on after us, we generally don't think about the "stuff" we leave behind.

Wendy said...

TheraP: I have attempted to leave two comments here that have vaporized. But that is appropriate -- yes? -- if the goal is to achieve nothingness?
I have been reading the most extraordinary book entitled Ten Days by Jane Smiley, in which she explores, in what seems a parallel to your own quest, the telling of truth about a glaring American wrong, as well as the process of erasing oneself into enlightenment.
You've probably read this book. But I find it, now, timely and revelatory.
Thank you, TheraP, for combining the passion for truth with the pursuit of inner peace. Sounds trite when I say it but not when you demonstrate it.
Thank you for this site, where the password is gentleness.

TheraP said...

I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble posting, Wendy. But thanks for your persistence... and your ability to view it as furthering the goal of nothingness.

I must admit I know nothing of Jane Smiley and her book. But it sounds fascinating. Coincidences like this always amaze me.

I'm really thrilled to see you here. And so glad that what is meaningful for me seems to find a home in other hearts.

Peace be with you.