Saturday, May 31, 2014

Threading the Moral Needle

Sometimes the news is simply more than one can bear.
Often it turns me to prayer.

What follows is a brief comment of mine in response to the widening and accelerating moral issue of our time.  Interestingly, the fault lines, at times, seem to transcend US political divides:  Libertarians and Tea Party folk are divided on the Right.  And God knows what divides us on the Left.  The latest characters in this Morality Play are:  Edward Snowden; John Kerry; and Daniel Ellsberg.  The setting of my comment, along with a link to it, is here, with due credit to the NYTimes for choosing it among their editorial picks:
This is the most interesting ethical dilemma of our lifetime. And it has been taken up by a young man with extraordinary courage, who to my mind (I'm getting very close to 70) has elucidated - correctly - the thorny issues involved in his decision and his actions.

To act ethically is not necessarily to act legally. This is very difficult for many to understand. Indeed, a state operates on the presumption that citizens will never question the law and simply obey it.

To question, to doubt, to act according to one's conscience, irregardless of the potential legal penalties, in the midst of competing moral claims, requires great forethought and enormous courage. Gandhi defied the laws of South Africa and India. Bonhoeffer plotted the overthrow of Hitler via a plot to bring about his death. Jesus was accused, in effect, of trying to overthrow Roman rule and an entire religion. Many saints have been accused of heresy, who later were hailed as mystics.

Edward Snowden stands within a proud tradition of individuals willing to sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of others. There is no higher calling. No greater risk. And we who sit here, typing comments comfortably at home or work, cannot pass judgment on someone willing to act according to his conscience - for such high ideals, ideals very similar (though you may disagree) to those which motivated the Declaration of Independence.

Like Gandhi, Bonhoeffer, Jesus and others, he has my highest admiration and respect.