Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Marx backs up Pope Francis

In a wonderful article, Beyond Capitalism, which I highly recommend, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, dives deeply into troubled waters, which have arisen in the wake of Pope Francis' recent apostolic exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel, which deserves even more careful reading, rereading, and reflection.

Cardinal Marx is one of the eight advisers, chosen by Francis, to assist him in charting course through what promise to be "interesting times" in the RCC (and beyond).  And what a grasp of the pitfalls of modern finance as an ideology embracing praise of greed!  What a  a tour de force attack on the idolatry of finance, where workers are viewed as mere instruments to capitalism, when capitalism (politics, etc.) should instead be subservient to a philosophy entailing the dignity of human persons.

What's most interesting to me about this article by Cardinal Marx is the window this affords into the way the Pope's apostolic exhortation is organized and the scope of his insistence that a new evangelism is needed.  It reminds me of John's Gospel, where after calling some disciples and changing water into wine, Jesus immediately proceeds to cleanse the Temple.  Francis, likewise, has called his committee of 8; and in substance and style he continues to give the world new wine, better wine, in place of no wine, moldy wine.  And now it's clear that Francis is not just aiming to cleanse the Temple of the Vatican and the Curia, to rid it of clerical opulence, greed, and bullying, but that he intends an evangelism that confronts society at large, castigating in particular oppressive social institutions and ideologies, such as the worldwide imperialism of economics - greed as an end in itself - via preaching the Good News in order to once again elevate the needs and worth of human persons, the obligation to care about your neighbor as a Temple and Image of your God.

I love this Pope! 


Alan said...

And this is why I think Pope Francis will have the most significant papacy of my lifetime.

It reminds me of a screed I put up back when the old TPMaholics blog was actively used.

Here are a couple grafs as a reminder:

"What if that goal was even such a simple notion as that there is no good reason for anyone to have to go to bed hungry, or to not have a bed to go hungry to, or even a roof overhead? That there is no good reason for a child to grow to adulthood unschooled? That everyone having basic health care is a huge social positive in many more ways than there are room to list here?

We live in a society. An economy is just a component of that society, and those who confuse the two shortchange not only this society, they also shortchange themselves."

Followed by:

"So, what do you want 2050 to look like? "

Pope Francis understands that we need to return to serving the interests of people over those of businesses, and that leaving anyone behind is an immoral act and can not be countenanced.

TheraP said...

Thank you, Alan!!! Wonderful comment. Which enriches the post.

And my apologies that this is posting so late...

I send my love to you and your "love".