Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Do No Harm

This is a poetic, moving, simple story:  A parable.

A counterpoint to so much bad news:  Good News.  

A tenacious documentary film maker.  An unusual subject:  A former Cistercian monk, who has spent 50 years building a Cathedral - of his own design, by his own hands.   The story is told in simple, moving shots of the old man, walking through his creation. What a poignant testimony to the human heart and soul!

Watch this first
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     The power of love and devotion.  Life's work of one man. 


Alan said...

For another look at people doing something a bit unusual, and fairly time-consuming, you might want to have a look here:

A concert that will last for over 600 years.


Why not?

One of the things that strikes me as wrongheaded about our lives today is that we see very little that is intended to last long.

Our attention spans are disturbingly short. Our practices and products show a lack of commitment to a future beyond next year, next month, maybe next week.

These are not indicative of a healthy society.

That's why things like these give me a bit of hope. Someone, some few ones, give enough of a damn to take on things that will outlast them.

TheraP said...

Thanks for the link! I've heard about that concert!

Yes, a focus on the long term. Or, for me, the timeless. This blog is about that type of path. But yes, anyone, and sadly such persons are often considered "mad" (as in "nuts"), anyone who feels a calling to something greater than oneself. To leaving a legacy. What Eric Ericson termed mature development: "Generativity" and "Wisdom".

We need more of this! Thanks again.